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Professor Sayed Ghoneim    

                              Fellow, Nasser Higher Military Academy   

                              National Security & Defense Advisor   

                     Chairman of the Online Strategic Multinational Think Tank

                          (Institute for Global Security & Defense Affairs “IGSDA”)


 Sayed Ghoneim

Fellow, Nasser Higher Military Academy, Egypt
International Security & Defense Expert, UAE

Chairman, Institute for Global Security & Defense Affairs (IGSDA)

E-mail:  chairman@igsda.org nsda@syedghoneim.net
www.igsda.org & www.sayedghoneim.net

Ghoneim is consulting, speaking, holding and charring international security & defense conferences, seminars, panel of discussions and workshops worldwide.

He's also a Visiting Scholar to NATO Defense College (Middle East Faculty) in Rome, to National Defense University in Taiwan, and to the American University in The Emirates (College of Media and Mass Communication, International Relations Section). He had speaking engagements in Egypt, Abu Dhabi, Greece, Tunisia, Taiwan and others.

Ghoneim is a monthly article writer and international security analyst to the Egyptian Newspapers in English (Daily News Egypt), and to Egyptian National Newspapers (Al-Akhbar) in Arabic. He’s the author of the Book “Managing Defense in Democratic Societies”

He held several positions in the Egyptian Army such as Director of Operations at Strategic Level, where he had a major role of planning and operating the strategic plans of protecting and securing the citizens after revolution January 25, 2011. Prior to that he served as Director of Information and Studies Center at Command & Staff College and Unit Commander. Internationally, he served as Chief of Staff of Arms Monitoring Division in UN Mission in Nepal (More) and Senior Information Officer of North Sector in the UN Mission in Western Sahara (MINURSO) (More); in addition to working as Humanitarian Aids Team Leader with French Mission in Rwanda (Operation Turquoise) (More). He has also worked as Senior National representative of Egypt to the United States Central Command (More).

Ghoneim obtained his Fellowship Degree of Strategic Warfare & National Security Studies from Nasser Higher Military Academy (NHMA), his Master‘s Degree of Military Science from General Command & Staff College of Egypt (More), his Bachelor of Science (Honours) from Baluchistan University (More) during his study in Command & Staff College of Pakistan (More), in addition to other training courses in Defense Diplomacy and Peacekeeping operations in UK & Ireland, USA and France beside many other courses in Egypt since he had graduated in 1984 from Military Academy.

He’s a holder of Long Service Medal by the Egyptian President for his excellent long service, beside other medals and rewards for his local, regional and international service of 30 years in the Egyptian Armed Forces and the United Nations missions.



Sayed Ghoneim

E-mail: nsda@syedghoneim.net

Website: www.sayedghoneim.net

Institute for Global Security & Defense Affairs: www.igsda.org

“Seek, Study, Surmount”


Sayed Ghoneim (Arab Republic of Egypt)

International Security & Defense Advisor - Chairman (IGSDA)

E-mails:         nsda@sayedghoneim.net & chairman@igsda.org

Websites:      www.sayedghoneim.net & www.igsda.org

Institute for Global Security & Defense Affairs.

“Seek, Study, Surmount”










,,  Whatever your losses; you will remain victorious as long as the defeat did not impair your will. ،،

Sayed Ghoneim


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